As an innovative service company, we are expanding our performance with the latest high-end 3D scanners GOM ATOS 5 and ATOS Q Blue Light Equalizer sensors with active temperature management.

Digitization and evaluation of components of any size in the highest resolution and quality.

  • High-resolution optical 3D digitizers for the aerospace industry
  • Inspection of body components or a complete body efficiently and in detail
  • Mobile measuring technology XL with TRITOP for shapes up to 20m in length
  • Powerful light source for the reduced use of self-cleaning antireflective spray
  • High detail resolution and high accuracy acc. the VDI2634 guidelines
  • Triple scan, blue light equalizer for short measurement times
  • Low noise, 1.5 x brighter LED light source
  • High-speed 3D scanning in 0.2 seconds for a single scan
  • Resistant to electromagnetic fields in the area
  • Fast data processing
  • Intelligent sensor communication with two integrated measuring field lasers
  • Quality control actual / target analysis, ISO visualization, shape and position, GD&T – PMI inspection

Together with our two CT measuring systems with extremely high resolution thanks to the 3K X-ray detector, we form the end-to-end workflow for non-contact 3D measurement technology from a single source. Dimensional evaluation as well as cavities or internal structures are carried out with the software solutions from Volume Graphics (VG Studio Max 3.0 Cast & Mold Enhanced) and GOM Inspect Professional based on voxels or polygon meshes. We measure your parts on site or delivered in our air-conditioned measuring rooms of quality class III.