Industrial metrology - 3D Photogrammetry

The mobile optical TRITOP HR Coordinate Measuring Machine (Photogrammetry) for large objects up to 20m x 20m exactly to 0,100mm. The following applications can be measured (measuring points 21 million) with this mobile and highly accurate machine be digitized: target / actual comparison, reverse engineering, Mobile CMM, Quality control of large objects, review of shots and devices, static deformation analysis (in climate chamber, diverse stress situations in assemblies, forensic crash damage or investigations in the wind tunnel), expansion of ATOS (XL), Digital Mock-Up, verification of shape and position tolerances.

The GOM ATOS Taster System makes a combination of surface like and tactile 3D measurement possible. The Tasters are ideal to measure for optically difficult accessible Parts. They enable quick measurement of individual points and also usual geometries as well as the direct comparison from each points to CAD dates.

Static TRITOP-Deformation is a transportable optic measurement system, which determines extremely precise 3D co-ordinate of object points at quasi-static conditions.

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