Prototyping - 3D print / Additive Manufacturing


Production grade thermoplastics and end-use parts

Our professional and powerful 3D printer systems create complex additive manufactured components in plastic in a cost-effective way, directly from 3D CAD or 3D scan data.

FDM Production for wide range of engineering-grade thermoplastics, ideal for low-volume production, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing aides (lower resolution but very high functionality).

Our 3D production systems uPrint, F370 and FORTUS systems can easily provide the first parts for sampling and functional testing, up to the additive production of small-scale and series components for end products. Our Stratasys 3D Printers process a variety of high-quality thermoplastic plastics in manufacturing quality. The list ranges from ABS, CF Carbon, ASA, PC, PC ABS to PA12. The thermoplastic elastomer TPU 92A is available for complex elastic components. Washout systems automatically remove the support material.

FDM components are stable, permanently without shrinking and absorb only low humidity. They remain stable in terms of changing environmental conditions. The finished components are left raw with fine coating lines or painted on request.

Already during the development or when small quantities are required, you have the possibility to order close to production models quickly and efficiently using our generative manufacturing process (FDM).

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