Product Development – Engineering

pfeil-blau Concept development in the field of plastics engineering, casting, metal forming and Kinematics Mechatronic

pfeil-blau Technical drawings, documentation, visualisation are incorporated from the initial ideas to the production phase.

pfeil-blau Visualization already during the product development

pfeil-blau The documentation (G, E, F, J) is presented with technical illustrations.

pfeil-blau 3D CAD engineering and design from concept through to the finished article.

pfeil-blau Construction of the individual parts and systems are closely defined with design, tooling and production.

pfeil-blau Tool and die surfaces.

Concepts / Package

pfeil-blau Concepts, installation studies (DMU), realised through customer input

pfeil-blau Defining of building space for concept security with respect to existing regulations

pfeil-blau Consideration of guidelines, requirements specifications, laws


computer aided calculations

pfeil-blau Simulation and calculation (FEM, CFD, Moldflow etc.) are offered in cooperation with specialist companies.