Prototyping - Post Processing

The RP manufactured components can be enhanced by post processing.

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Support removal and cleaning


For components manufactured by FDM, the support structure in the wash-out system is automatically removed. Support remova is not applicable to all materials, such as ULTEM. In this case, it must be removed manually.

Glass Beads Rays

The excess, adhering powder is removed using glass beads in the blasting system. The components are now ready for shipping, or ready for one of the processes described below.

Sliding loops

In this case, the abrasive in combination with water and compound drains the surface of FDM+ MJT parts. In the outer surfaces and exposed areas, “smoothing” is most effectively applied. Not all geometries are suitable for the process, such as parts with filligrane details.


Parts can be painted in all RAL shades or spectrometers. Other types of paint can also be used, such as:

•Chrome effect


HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) sintered parts are soaked with specially suitable liquid, the component saturates in the dyeing system with the liquid (black).

Mechanical finishing

The parts are subsequently matherically reworked to meet desired requirements, these can be:

•Insert inlays with thread



Structure assigned (graining)

In our special software, a wide range of surfaces can be assigned digitally. Thus, the surface is created in the desired structure.

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