Industrial metrology - 3D computer tomography

For 3D Computertomographie (CT) Measurement of inside and outside Dimensions, Analysis of defects, shrinks,  Montage positions, Wall thickness, etc. As well as divers Engineering using of Rontgen technique we can supply you the precise measuring services with industry computer tomograph quick and rightly.

Analysis software solutions from Volume Graphics (VG Studio Max 3.0 Cast & Mold Enhanced) and GOM Inspect Professional serve as evaluation tools for the CT data based on voxels or Polygons.

In order to be protected against environment influences, our measurements are carried out in air-conditioned measuring rooms in accordance with Quality class 3 according to VDI / VDE 2627. In order to ensure the security of your measurement results at all times, our measuring room climate is constantly monitored and recorded by means of temperature and humidity recording.

The application area in detail:

pfeil-blau Dimension controls incl. free form surfaces incl. form and position tolerance for first muster control report

pfeil-blau Montage checks like the control of montage result, functions- and error analysis.

pfeil-blau Material error analysis – the non-distruktive testing like on voids, pores and cracks

pfeil-blau Wall thickness analysis with color display of wall thickness distribution in components

pfeil-blau Structural analysis with the visualisation of material- and component structures

pfeil-blau Component optimization to compensate for fading and delay

pfeil-blau Joyning technologie testing of weldering, soldering, glueing- or riveting on error testing

pfeil-blau Electronic tests for the checking of solder and glue connects (Micro components)

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