Industrial metrology - 3D Photogrammetry

We have a flexible range of equipment for uncomplicated processing of your measurement tasks. The tactile Zeiss CMM coordinate measuring machine with the CALYPSO software determines and evaluates the geometries of customer components easily, quickly and reliably.

With the mobile optical Zeiss/GOM TRITOP coordinate measuring machine (photogrammetry) we measure the length, shape, contour or surface of objects up to 20m in size.

The following applications can be digitized with this mobile and high-precision technology: Target/actual comparison, reverse engineering, mobile CMM, quality control of large objects, checking of recordings and devices, static deformation analysis (e.g. in climate chambers, various load situations during assemblies, forensic crash damage investigations or in the wind tunnel), extension for ATOS (XL), digital mock-up, checking of shape and position tolerances.

Our measurement laboratory works according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

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